Checking out Apache’s FeedParser

In searching for a Java library to parse RSS and Atom feeds I ran across FeedParser from the Apache Jakarta Project. From a few quick experiments this looks pretty slick, but is unfortunately marked as “dormant” and shows no evidence of having been updated in a few months.

Presumable as a side-effect of domancy, no archive of the library is availalable. The source can be checked out of the SVN repository, but the URL given on the “anonymous SVN access” page only allows browsing. After a bit of trial-and-error based on other (less dormant) Jakarta projects, the correct URL for grabbing the code with svn appears to be:

The complete checkout command is then:

svn checkout feedparser

(with no line breaks).

UPDATE: And, of course, within minutes of posting this I find the answer that escaped my earlier googling.

1 July 2006 | Uncategorized | Comments

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