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Squid Corrupts Jar Files?

The open-source Squid web cache can be used to speed up the download of WebStart applications. Several weeks after such a deployment, however, corrupt jar file errors started appearing. “Squid Corrupts Jar Files?” explains the problem and describes the (simple) solution.

14 December 2003 | Hosting | No Comments

Before you sign up for a Virtual Dedicated Server…

Virtual Dedicated Servers (or Virtual Private Servers) provide a cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers for many kinds of application deployments. There are, however, some subtle issues with deploying Java applications on these systems. “Deploying Java Apps on a Virtual Dedicated Server” describes some questions you may want to ask before signing up with a VDS [...]

1 November 2003 | Hosting | No Comments

X11 Libraries for Headless Java Apps

Modern versions of Java support running in “headless” mode, allowing applications to access AWT classes even when on a machine that is not connected to a keyboard, mouse, or display. The default Linux configurations provided with dedicated servers, however, often lack the necessary X11 libraries to support headless mode. “Linux Libraries for Headless Applications” is [...]

30 October 2003 | Hosting | No Comments




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